Legacies of Healing

Children's recently received a gift from a couple whose goals were to support the Hospital’s vital mission as well as provide income for their family.  Twenty-one years ago, Daniel and Virginia Zetz generously established a Charitable Remainder Unitrust for the purpose of providing lifetime income for their daughter, Dorothy Cooke, and ultimately benefitting Children’s Hospital through the distribution of the remaining trust assets after Ms. Cooke’s passing.  The $64,093 distribution Children's received will support our Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program Endowment

An interesting note is that the attorney and trustee for Mr. and Mrs. Zetz is Guy Johnston, who served as first President of the Padrinos Guild.  We thank Mr. and Mrs. Zetz for their philanthropic gestures which will support an important initiative for Children's Hospital and provide vital resources to many childhood cancer survivors for years to come. 

A charitable remainder trust enables you to make a significant gift to Children’s Hospital while receiving income from the donated assets.  By transferring cash, securities, or other property to a charitable remainder trust, you will receive an income tax deduction and pay no capital gains tax.  During the term specified in the trust, you or anyone you choose will receive a percentage of the trust value each year. When the trust term ends, the remaining principal goes to Children’s Hospital to support the area, project, or program you have designated.

To ensure that your gift will produce the results you intend, please contact Children’s Foundation office before preparing the final documents.  As with all aspects of estate and tax matters, you should seek qualified legal, tax, and financial advice in developing your plan.  If you would like more information about charitable estate planning please contact Brad Stith, Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving at (559) 353-7196.


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