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Giving in Perpetuity - What is an Endowment?

You can leave a legacy by investing generously in the endowment program at Valley Children's Hospital.

Endowment giving assures your investment lives long after the gift is given:

  • Endowments are established through planting seed money
  • Endowments grow over time because the principal is held in perpetuity
  • Endowments generate earnings that are used to sustain and grow operations
  • Endowments provide a solid base of continuous revenue

Earnings are determined by the size of an endowment’s principal balance:

  • A sizeable principal balance multiplies rapidly
  • $100 million invested at a 5% rate generates $5 million in annual earnings
  • Operating costs at Children’s Hospital exceed $1 million per day
  • Principal balances in our endowments currently fall short of our goals 

Valley Children's Hospital must grow our endowment program:

  • We serve a large number of children with complex health issues
  • The demand for services of greater depth and breadth is increasing
  • High-quality, comprehensive pediatric healthcare is expensive
  • Our country faces a shortage of primary care and specialty physicians
  • Our population is expanding and our funding sources are diminishing
  • Our community struggles with economic instability in uncertain times

The constant funding generated by endowments offers many benefits:

  • Earnings support, improve and expand our pediatric specialty services
  • Earnings secure the future for ill and injured children in Central California
  • Earnings provide a safety net to ensure the wellbeing of all our children
  • Earnings guarantee ongoing access to nearby, pediatric specialty care
  • Earnings protect the long-term financial health of Valley Children's Hospital

As one of the largest children’s hospitals in the country, we should have one of the largest endowment programs in the country. We ask for your help to achieve our dreams for the children of Central California.

Endowments at Valley Children's Hospital include:

  • The Childhood Cancer Survivorship Endowment
  • General Endowment
  • The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Endowment
  • The Kevin Chappell Champion for Children’s Oncology Endowment
  • The Willson Heart Center Endowment
  • The Gunner Endowment for Nursing and Clinical Education

More than ever we are facing a challenging future.
To learn how you can leave a legacy by investing in one or more of our endowments please contact:
(559) 353-7100