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The Guilds of Valley Children's Hospital

The Guilds have been raising funds for Valley Children's Hospital since 1949.  We are the largest financial contributors and have recently made the largest single pledge to Children's with a membership of 1,200. 

We take pride in our mission and the history of our founding mothers, and proud to be supporting a new $4 million goal towards three Guild endowments: Heart Center ($2M), Child Life ($1M) and Spiritual Support ($1M).  We invite you to join our Guild family here at Valley Children's Hospital.   Learn More»


What is a Guild?

The Guilds are the heart and soul of Valley Children's Hospital philanthropic support - a fundraising arm of Valley Children's Hospital and Membership Organization. 

Over sixty-three years ago, our Founding Mothers created the Guilds to rally the community to build "a hospital for children only".  Many Guild members have a personal story and chose the Guilds as a way to give back.  Others have been moved by our mission and want to make a difference in the lives of children.  Learn More»


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