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The Job Shadow Program is currently on hold through RSV season.
Please check back towards the end of May, first part of June.

Job Shadow Program

The Job Shadow Program provides individuals
with the opportunity to learn about a job by walking through the work day as a shadow to a competent worker. The job shadowing experience is a temporary, unpaid exposure to the workplace in an occupational area of interest to the individual. Participants witness firsthand the work environment, employability and occupational skills in practice, the value of professional training and potential career options.

Individuals 13 years of age and older may job shadow a Children’s Hospital Staff Member for up to 7 hospital visits within a calendar year.   The job shadowing experience is strictly observation only.  

All job shadowing experiences must be pre-approved by the Recruitment Data Specialist and the department where the shadowing is scheduled to occur.

Job Shadow Program Requirements:

  • Completed and signed Participant Information Sheet
  • Signed Confidentiality Agreement
  • Signed Consent Form for Minors, if applicable
  • Signed Dress and Grooming Standards sheet


Click here to download the job shadow paperwork.

To get started...

You must first identify an employee or a position here at Children's that you would be interested in shadowing/interviewing.  There are many different job opportunities within the hospital in addition to our nurses and doctors*.  For a list of positions that may be found in the hospital setting, please click here.  (You are highly encouraged to research a position online if you are unsure of their general job duties.)  Once you've identified a position or employee, please contact Jennifer Fain, Recruitment Data Specialist by email at:

*There is a separate program for shadowing a doctor.  Please see Shadowing a Physician for more information.


Informational Interviewing

An Informational Interview is an interview with an individual involved in the career you’re exploring or for high school students who are on a specific career path. Informational interviewing is designed to meet one or more of the following goals: to meet a class requirement to obtain information on specific career or job path, to make a career or job decision, or to obtain specialized data about a job, a firm, or an industry before you are a job applicant. It’s a short (20-30 minute) meeting, scheduled at your initiative, to ask for information. Since you are initiating the action for the interview, you are in control of how it goes; it is not a job interview.

Download more information about Informational Interviewing, courtesy of CONCERN: EAP.


Shadowing a Physician

If you are interested in shadowing a Physician here at Children's, you must first obtain their permission before contacting the hospital.  If you do not have a prior relationship with a physician or are unsure how to get in touch with one, please refer to the Our Doctors section on our website where you can search for physicians either by name or specialty. 

Once you have permission from a physician to shadow them, please complete the following forms and then contact our Medical Staff Services office at (559)353-6115 for further information.